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Rates | Storage 

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Conditions promo

  • Apply on new rentals only;

  • Ne peut être jumelée à une autre promotion;

  • Get 3 months free on selected units. The free months are to be applied on the 2nd, 4th and 6th month ONLY according to the conditions when signing. Free payment for the second month will be equivalent to the pro rata paid for the 1st month;

  • Any late payment will automatically cancel the promotion;

  • Free months are non-refundable and non-refundable;

  • This promotion is not transferable;

  • Payable before the first of each month;

  • This promotion ends on May 31, 2024, 4:00 p.m.;

  • Applies only to the unit storage. Does not apply to insurance contracts;

  • This promotion may end without notice.

Privilege rates

  • 10% discount on an annual prepayment.

       (Cannot be combined with any            other promotion)


  • All our units are located on the ground floor;

  • Heated warehouse;

  • A loading dock with a hydraulic platform;

  • Two indoor vehicle loading docks;

  • Access with magnetic card and PIN;

  • Camera surveillance;

  • Alarm system;

  • Pest control;

  • Secure access with fence;

  • Secure warehouse accessible from 7:00 to 20:45     (7 days);

  • Your safety is important. Sanitization and disinfection measures have been put in place. 


  • No opening file fees;

  • A refundable deposit of $25 / magnetic card is required at the signing the lease;

  • One month minimum;

  • Monthly lease;

  • No long-term obligation;

  • No reservations possible;

  • Applicable only to available units;

  • Payable before the first of each month;

  • No obligation to purchase our insurance; 

  • Lock mandatory at the signing of the lease. You can bring your own lock;

  • Rates subject to change without notice;

  • Taxes extra.

Rates | Insurance

Press the price list to enlarge
  • No obligation on your part when signing the storage unit rental contract. It is possible to add insurance at any time by presenting yourself at the rental office.

Packing & Storage tips

These few tips can simplify your moving and/or storage experience. 

Always plan long ahead

Don't wait until the last minute to book a truck or a moving service. These companies will accept your reservation months in advance, so book as early as possible. If you plan to store your belongings, contact us as soon as possible, and we will help you in this regard.

Know what you need to store

Make a list of everything you plan to store. Don’t forget to check all the rooms, the garage, the basement, as well as the shed and backyard, if you have a house. Always add the number of boxes you think you'll need. Remember to pack heavy items in small boxes and bulky items in larger boxes. Once your list is complete, contact us or come visit our facility; our staff will advise you and help you choose the appropriate space. Our staff will ask you many questions to ensure that everything is perfect. We strive to make moving and/or storage as enjoyable as possible for our customers.

Protect your belongings

All mattresses, sofas and armchairs should be wrapped in specially designed plastic bags, which you can get at Stor-All. Protect valuable and fragile items with bubble wrap or foam packaging. Wrap your dishes and glasses in newspaper to prevent breakage and, above all, do not overfill the boxes. Do not use printed newspaper, as the ink will stain your items. Pack paintings and mirrors in boxes designed for this purpose and never store them flat, but on the edge. Store your valuables at the back of your storage space so that others cannot see them when you access your space. Do not cover your items with plastic, as it retains moisture.

Label your boxes

It is important to identify each box. This will make the movers' work easier and it will be easier for you when you access your storage space. Make sure all boxes are well sealed with tape. If you plan to access certain items regularly, store them at the front of your space. 


Make sure your appliances are clean before storing them, especially your stove and refrigerator. Dirty appliances and dried food are unhealthy and can attract unwanted guests. Always leave the doors of your appliances slightly open to prevent mold.

Things not to store

You should never store food in your space; as you could attract unwanted visitors. Do not store any flammable or toxic substances, such as some oils or gasoline. If you store tools that run on gasoline, make sure they have been drained of any fuel.

Buying insurance

It is strongly recommended to buy an insurance policy to protect your belongings. Stor-All Mini Entrepôt can offer you a comprehensive insurance with a reputable insurance company. You can also buy an insurance policy of your choice. Make sure your home insurance covers the goods stored in a specialized facility. Companies do not insure all your personal belongings if they are in a warehouse.


What are the access hours to the warehouse?

The access to the warehouse for customers is between 7:00 to 20:45 and this 7 days a week.

Outside of office hours, is it possible to reach someone in case of emergency?

Yes, at any time customers can reach us using the intercom located between the two doors in the auto level garage.

What are the items that cannot be stored in your warehouse?

All dangerous, explosive, chemical, propane tanks (even empty), food, perishable products, etc.

Do you offer the service of picking up merchandise?

Indeed, we offer a turnkey service. Are you a representative? Here is what we can offer you. We take care of receiving your merchandise at the office. The merchandise received will therefore be delivered to your unit by a member of our staff. No delivery person has access to the warehouse and your unit. Thus, your material is safe.   (Information)

Is access to the warehouse secure?

Security is a very important point. When renting a storage unit, you will be given a code to gain access to the two gates giving access to the fenced area. A magnetic card will also be given to you in order to have access to the building.

Do you rent parking spaces?

Yes, we have some outdoor spaces available.

Do you have outdoor units?

No. All units are interior and heated.

Are the storage units only on one floor?

Yes. All units are located on the ground floor. Two accesses are offered. A truck dock access located at the back of the office and a car level access located in the center of the warehouse. No waiting time for elevators during busier periods. 

Online | Web site
(credit card)

You can pay online with your credit card on our website by clicking HERE

You should have this in hand:

Normally you will find the information at the bottom, inside the left part of your black pouch that we gave you when signing.

Credit cards accepted:

Visa, Master Card, Amex

  • The number of your unit (4 digits)


  • An access code of 12 characters with letters and numbers XX0000SA0000

Methods of payment

Interac e-transfer
(by email)

​You can make your payment by Interac e-Transfer by email. You must enter the correct information to avoid having your payment rejected.​

  • Email: You must send us your transfer to the following email address:

  • Security Question :  You must enter (only) the tenant's last name.

  • Answer: You must enter the four digits of your unit number. If your financial institution asks you for more characters or to add a letter, you must communicate the password you chose.

Standardized supplier
(financial institution)

​You can add us as a standardized supplier with your financial institution. However, you must contact us in order to obtain a payment code. Available only with the following financial institutions.​

  • Desjardins

  • Royal Bank​

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