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Stockage public
Boîtes de livraison dans un camion


  • We take charge of receiving your packages or goods during business hours

  • Envelopes;

  • Boxes;

  • Merchandise pallet (Loading dock available)

  • Etc.

Mail reception is not offered. We do not offer any mailbox service for regular mail reception.

Target Market

  • Businesses;

  • Representative ;

  • Road entrepreneur;

  • Self-employed.

Service options

  • When receiving your merchandise, no delivery person can have access to your unit. A member of our staff will personally take care of delivering it to your unit;

  • We also have transient units for customers who do not wish to give access to their units. Once the merchandise is received, it will be delivered to one of our transient units and you will be informed. You will have 72 hours to come and pick up your merchandise. 


The basic service is free for customers with a storage unit.

Fees may be charged depending on the volume and type of service offered.


An authorization form must be completed before any goods are received.

Conditions apply.

Transit unit

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